Handsfree Breast Pump

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Providing an efficient solution for busy mothers seeking a seamless balance

Introducing our innovative Hands-Free Breast Pump, designed with the modern mom in mind. Offering convenience and comfort, this pump revolutionizes the breastfeeding experience between nurturing their newborns and managing daily responsibilities.

Wearable Breast Pump - Imani i2 | Legendairy Milk


  1. Effortless and Hands-Free Operation: Embrace the freedom of multitasking with our Hands-Free Breast Pump. Designed for convenience, it allows mothers to pump discreetly, freeing up their hands for other essential tasks while providing the nourishment their baby needs.

  2. Comfortable and Gentle Expression: Our breast pump incorporates advanced technology for a gentle and comfortable expression experience. Adjustable suction levels and massage modes mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm, ensuring a stress-free and painless pumping experience for mothers.

  3. Quiet and Portable Design: The discreet and whisper-quiet operation of our Hands-Free Breast Pump lets mothers express milk without disruptions. Compact and lightweight, this pump is easily portable, making it ideal for on-the-go moms who need flexibility in their breastfeeding routines.

  4. Enhanced Milk Supply and Storage: With the convenience of hands-free pumping, mothers can establish and maintain a healthy milk supply. The pump's compatibility with storage bags or containers simplifies the process of expressing and storing breast milk, allowing moms to build a stash for future use or when they're away.

Eziflo Cordless Hands-Free Breast Pump® – Bub's Corner

Four Reasons to Choose Our Hands-Free Breast Pump:

  1. Efficiency for Busy Lifestyles: Juggle daily tasks while effortlessly expressing milk. Our hands-free design enables mothers to pump without interrupting their routines, promoting a seamless integration of breastfeeding into busy schedules.

  2. Comfortable and Customizable Expression: Tailor the pumping experience to your comfort with adjustable suction levels and massage modes, providing a gentle and personalized expression process.

  3. Flexibility and Portability: The compact and portable design ensures that you can pump discreetly and comfortably wherever you go, offering flexibility for mothers with active lifestyles.

  4. Supports a Healthy Milk Supply: Establish and maintain a robust milk supply with the convenience of hands-free pumping, ensuring your baby receives the nourishment they need even when you're away.

Choose our Hands-Free Breast Pump for a revolutionary breastfeeding experience that empowers modern moms with the flexibility and comfort they deserve. Prioritize both your baby's well-being and your own convenience with this essential breastfeeding companion.

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